Masakari (Warhawk) Resculpt

Posted on January 13, 2014
Masakari (Warhawk) Resculpt

Painted by: Savage Coyote

Posted on: 1/13/2014 (5 years old)

Part of the 2013 Christmas Exchange

Color Scheme
uses the Coyote’s traditional colors of blues, blacks and greys, painting the bodies of their ‘Mechs and battle armor blue, while the arms are painted black. Light grey highlights all over the unit.

Canonized by Savage Coyote on 3/8/2004.

The Clan’s insignia appears on every piece of equipment in service with the Clan.

Delta Galaxy’s insignia is a Timber Wolf OmniMech.

Per FM:Warden Clans, pages 47 and 50.

Other References