Masakari (Warhawk) Resculpt

Masakari (Warhawk) Resculpt

Painted by: Foxbat

Posted on: 2/9/2005 (14 years old)

Paints used are Coat d’Arms medium grey with a drybrushing of Citadels Space Wolf Grey.

Color Scheme
Units of the Guard Keshik are painted a gray base coat highlighted in a stylized black on red camouflage pattern and yellow accents.

Canonized by Z on 1/12/04.

The insignia of the Blood Guard Keshik shows a Knight of the Crusade wearing a black baldric emblazoned with a blood-red daggerstar.

Per FM:Crusader Clans, page 30.

Other References
Kingfisher, FM: Crusader Clans (plate 2)
Stooping Hawk, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 30)